11 Benefits of Visitor Management System


  • 1) Repeat visitor pass in 3 seconds.
    In VZak VMS user can get visitor pass in 3 seconds. This feature saves time of visitor as well as user.
  • 2) Role Based Rights allocations/Login Managements
    Login Management is an authentication feature that provides administrators with the ability to identify and control the state of users logged into the network. Admin can also limit the user accounts that each user can access, together with the available functionality.
  • 3) Barring of Visitor by Black listing
    This Feature gives best security form unwelcomed visitors. System will give message if a visitor is black listed.
  • 4) Bar-Coded auto exit for the Visitor
    To save time, this feature helps. By using barcode reader, exit entry can be recorded. It takes few seconds to exit visitor.
  • 5) Pre formatted Visitor Pass
    VZak provides pre formatted visitor pass, it gives easiness and simplicity.
  • 6) Search on Visitor Name
    Visitor can be searched by name.
  • 7) Can provide count of Visitors in Premises
    At any time VZak provides Visitor count in the premises.
  • 8) Reports for Visitor activities
    VZak VMS provides reports such as, visitor page count, Visitor sign in, sign out. In case of emergency, visitor in premises count report can get.
  • 9) Registration of Visitor With Photograph
    VZak is useful to get visitor In-Out report includes their photograph which are taken during pass creation. This will help in finding any visitor’s record quickly in bunch of records. Also this kind of reports impresses and gives professional look to it.
  • 10) Even Security can create gate pass
    VZak VMS system is designed and developed as easy and user-friendly system; even security person can use this system properly.
  • 11) Instantaneously records & stores details of visitor
    VZak displays visitor’s head count on visitor entry screen which will help in case of any emergencies in organization or record purpose. It results in more accurate screening of visitors. It also effectively tracks entry and exit of visitors.

Visitor management system with many features and affordable price



Visitor management system (VMS) is becoming more popular, because of more security aspects, more features and less price, which can fit to needs of all sizes of the company. To improve negative points of pen and paper system, VMS is the best option. VZAK provides VMS. VZak system improves your work efficiency and gives professional touch to manage visitors.

What is VZak VMS?

Many companies prefers electronic/software system for practice of welcoming and monitoring visitors. VZak VMS provides this latest system to perform this practice. For the advance management, system is integrated with biometric scanner, camera for Photos for well designed pass.

System offers benefits beyond security:

  • Save time and money
  • Get better touch to manage visitor
  • Enhance your image
  • Control resources
  • Control unwanted visitors
  • Improve productivity

Why is Visitor Management important?

By using VZak VMS you can get details of visitors like, who is in the premises, total visitor count, duration of the particular visitors, engagement of employee with visitors. VZak VMS gives you maximum control over the visitors accessing your facilities, a key aspect to keeping those facilities safe and secure.